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We Run in Over 60 Races Per Year:

ChumpCar Series Race Schedule
ChumpCar World Series

24 Hours of LeMons Race Schedule
24 Hours of LeMons

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These are just some of the tracks we race:

Infineon Raceway (Sonoma, CA)

Firebird International Raceway (Chandler, AZ) 

Willow Springs Raceway (Rosamond, CA)

Carolina Motorsports Park (Kershaw, SC) 

MSR Houston (Angleton, TX) 

Rockingham Raceway Park (Rockingham, NC)

Pueblo Motorsports Park (Pueblo, CO)

Virginia International Raceway (Alton, VA)

Gingerman Raceway (South Haven, MI) 

Nashville Superspeedway (Lebanon, TN)

The Circuit at Grand Bayou (Belle Rose, LA) 

Homestead-Miami Speedway (Homestead, FL)

Thunderhill Raceway Park (Willows, CA) 

Shannonville Motorsports Park (Ontario, Canada)

Carolina Motorsports Park (Kershaw, SC) 

Brainerd International Raceway (Brainerd, MN)

Eagle's Canyon Raceway (Decatur, TX) 

Texas Motor Speedway (Ft. Worth, TX)

Summit Point Motorsports Park (Summit Pt, WV) 

Iowa Speedway (Newton, IA)

Auto Club Speedway (Fontana, CA)

High Plains Raceway (Deer Trail, CO) 

Spokane County Raceway (Spokane, WA)

Stafford Motor Speedway (Stafford Springs, CT) 

Gingerman Raceway (South Haven, MI)

Thunderhill Raceway Park (Willows, CA) 

Roebling Road Raceway (Bloomingdale, GA)

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (Jennings, OK)

Mid-America Motorplex (Pacific Junction, IA) 

Putnam Park Raceway (Mount Meridian, IN)

MSR Houston (Angleton, TX) 

Sebring International Raceway (Sebring, FL)

Carolina Motorsports Park (Kershaw, SC) 

Gingerman Raceway (South Haven, MI) 

Autobahn Country Club (Joliet, IL) 

Portland International Raceway (Portland, OR)

Harris Hill Road (San Marcos, TX)

The Circuit at Grand Bayou (Belle Rose, LA) 

Buttonwillow Raceway Park (Buttonwillow, CA) 

Palm Beach International Raceway (Jupiter, FL)


Professional racecar drivers, wannabe racers and totally inexperienced racers who have never been on a racetrack before all take advantage of the least expensive way to go racing. They all have questions, and no question is unwelcome. If you don't see the answer here, please write us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: During the race weekend, who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the car, the renter or owner?

A: The owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing the car during the race weekend. Although the renter may be able to assist in some capacity, it is the owner's ultimate responsibility to make sure it passes tech and to make a best effort to keep it running through the entire race.

Q: Your website states that the renter is responsible for all damages. Who determines the cost of repairs and how would payment be guaranteed. Is it required that a credit card be on file for such incidents?

A: Some of our owners have a printed list of what potential repairs will cost. Others will just agree to charge a fair amount for whatever it costs. We require the customer to have a credit card on file with us for repairs.

Q: What happens if the car suffers a terminal failure early in the weekend?

A: If a car should die very early in the weekend, the owner should not expect to be paid in full. We have allowed for that by requiring the renter to pay us in full before the race, but we pay the owner only half in advance from the escrow account. Therefore, we can return up to half the money for a car that dies early in the race. If the race car dies before one-third of the way through the race and cannot be repaired in time to finish the race, half of the money is returned to the customer. If the race car continues running through more than 1/3 of the race, there are no refunds. Those are the suggested guidelines. However, the financial arrangements are negotiable. If the owner and renter cannot agree on what is fair, RACECAR LIFE® will act as arbitrator.

Q: Can you tell me who pays if the renters wreck or blow a motor?

A: If they wreck the car, they pay. Minor scrapes are excluded. If they over-rev the engine, they pay. Owners will declare in advance how much it will be if they total the car. Owners charge for the parts and labor for any damages caused by the renter. Read more in the terms and conditions.

Q: If I am not interested in using Paypal, can we do something else?

A: Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover. You can also mail a check payable to "Accredited Financial Services", and we can pay car owners by check if you prefer.

Q: Who pays to enter the car in the race?

A: The customer pays all the entry fees for their team and drivers. They race under their own team name and theme if any.

Q: Damages? How is this collected and assured for the car owner?

A: The owner sets a dollar value in advance for the car if it is totaled. Then we ask the customer in advance how he will pay if it is totaled. He can either give us a credit card number, or he can pay that amount in advance which we will keep in escrow.

Q: Does the owner just drop off the car on Friday and pick it up on Sunday?

A: Car owners stay for the entire race to fix any problems that can be repaired at the track. It is the owner's responsibility to maintain the car and make whatever repairs are necessary within reason to keep the car going for the entire race.

Q: Who pays for gas?

A: The owner is responsible for gas and fueling the car, but does not pay for it. The owner provides the fuel jugs and transportation to the gas station. The customer pays in advance or rides along and pays for the fuel.

Q: Who maintains the car during the event if it needs oil, tires rotated, or has any mechanical problem?

A: That is the responsibility of the owner. Other than fueling the car and cleaning the windshield, the owner does everything else. The owner provides all the tools, spare parts and mechanical skills necessary to keep the car running to the best of their ability.

Q: Is the car owner required to supply hospitality?

A: Owners do not supply hospitality, limos or RVs. Owners supply the car, the trailer, popup tent, folding chairs, cooler and beverages. Owners supply tires, pit crew, and everything else except gas - but you have to take them to and from the gas station and loan them your fuel jugs.

Q: Who provides the jack and stands they need to get through tech?

A: The owner needs to provide and do whatever is necessary to get the car through tech. In fact the owner should also bring a folding table, folding chairs, a popup awning or tent, a white board, markers, a cooler with water, drip pan, gas jugs, and everything else that is needed for the race.

Q: What is the expectation on tires? We normally get through on one set but in some cases we get into changing out the two fronts.

A: The owner pays for whatever tires are needed for the race. That includes at least one set of new tires. The owner brings whatever tires they expect the car will need from past experience. That means if the car normally goes through two complete sets of new tires in a 24 hour race, that is what the owner will provide. They will also bring spares. Some of these can be used tires. The only exception is if one or more of the drivers on the customer's team are driving in a manner that is causing unnecessary and excessive tire wear. The owner will warn them that they must change their driving style or be charged extra for tires which will be charged to the customer's credit card.

Q: Who are the drivers, just the average type that I see at the events I have attended?

A: Some drivers will be very experienced racers, others will have attended a few track days or drivers ed events, others will have never driven on a racetrack before, and others will be executives from a large company who are there for a management team building exercise set up by a management consultant and paid by their company. RACECAR LIFE® will try to insure that their team captain at least has some track experience and that he removes any dangerous drivers from the race. The owner can advise the team captain in this regard during the race.

Q: What are the difference in rules between the different race series?

A: Be sure to carefully read the rules in detail on the race organizer's website. The rules are very similar, but there are some differences in driving rules and entry requirements. For example, there is a difference in racecar safety equipment between ChumpCar and LeMons.

Q: Do I need my own drivers suit and helmet and where do I get them?

A: Rent your race gear from us for only $200. All of your race gear will be waiting for you at the track when you arrive in a duffle bag with your name on it.

Q: Can the car owner drive in the race?

A: If the renter agrees, the owner can pay the customer back a negotiable sum to drive in the race. That agreement is between the owner and the customer and does not involve RACECAR LIFE®.

Q: Are the races like a demo derby, or is it serious racing?

A: The very first races years ago were on small, slow tracks so packed with cars that it sometimes seemed a little like a demo derby with all the rubbing and pushing. Today all the races are at the best race tracks in North America and the racing is entirely serious.

Q: What is the longest word in English that can also be spelled backwards?

A: RACECAR spelled backwards is RACECAR!

Q: Is auto racing a sport?

A: "There are only three sports: bullfighting, mountain climbing, and auto-racing. Everything else is just a game." -Ernest Hemingway

Q: What is the only company that will rent you a racecar and let you go racing?

A: RACECAR LIFE® because if you're not passing, you're not racing!

If you don't see the answer to your question here, please write us:

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